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Community Rules

1. Only quotes from people you know. This can include friends, teachers, family, people you talk to online, etc.. No quotes from celebrities, songs, or books.
2. If the post is very long, please use an lj-cut.
3. Quotes can be funny, but they don't have to be.
4. If you continuously post non-quote related things, or don't follow the other rules, you will be banned.
5. Anyone may join. Feel free to recruit people!
6. Please don't use other peoples aim user names without permission.
7. Don't be offended by what anyone else posts. What is funny to some people, may not be to others. If you are going to be offended easily, don't read the posts.
8. You can explain the quote if you want, but try to keep it somewhat brief.
9. Quotes can be from yourself.
10. Preferably name the person who said the quote, but this is not necessary.

And that is all :)

This community is moderated by: cynical_baby